Why My Friends Don’t Like To Hike With Me?

Hiking is a perfect activity to do with your friends because you can a lot of time together talking about anything and burn some calories at the same time, but what if your friends are not so willing to go on a hike with you? If you are asking yourself “Why my friends don’t like to hike with me?” or “How can I convince my friends to go on a hike with me?” then you are in the right place because we will explain it all to you in detail.

There are few answers to that question and it depends mostly on things that only you or your friend can know, things like “not enough time“, or “avoiding any sports” or the simples which are that they are not sure if they will enjoy it in general. Those are the most common reasons, but there are way more factors and reasons why your friends are not willing to hike with you, and we will tell you more about them and what you should do to encourage them.

Why they don’t want to come with me for a hike?

Why they don't want to come with me for a hike?
Why they don’t want to come with me for a hike?

There are multiple reasons why people are avoiding healthy things, for example:

  • Your friend doesn’t like sports in general or prefers to stay at home – Some people are afraid of doing anything that will require sweat a bit, most of those people tend to be lazy in general.
  • Your friend simply doesn’t have enough free time – Hikes tend to be long, especially when you need to travel to the starting point by car.
  • Some people are afraid of the unknown – If your friend didn’t previously have done anything similar to hiking, that means that he or she doesn’t know much about it which can lead to misleading conclusions. Try to tell him what your experiences with hiking are.
  • Your friend simply doesn’t like hiking – If a person has previously tried hiking and after a long trip didn’t like what hiking is, then it will be hard to convince that person otherwise. Hikers also have bad memories, especially if they had to deal with bad weather.
  • Maybe you are the problem – It is a slight chance that a person who was invited to hike with you doesn’t like your methods, or thinks that he or she won’t be able to spend that much time only with you due to your personality.

Only you know your friends, so try to spot one of the above in their behaviors and try to convince them to come along with you.

How can I convince my friends to go on a hike with me?

There are a few reasons which make hiking a great activity and those reasons will help you convince your friends to try it out with you:

  • Hiking is very cheap at the beginning – Hiking is one of those activities that is very easy to start. You don’t need to have any special clothes to go for a few miles hike, so we can even say that you won’t need to buy anything before your first hike unless you are sure that you will be doing it for a longer period of time.
  • Hiking will make you burn additional body fat – Hikers tend to have a lower level of body fat due to the long trips which will require a lot of energy from your body that is currently stored in your fat. Even if you will have a lot of food with you, it will be easy to burn it quickly.
  • View of nature – Nature is one of those things that we don’t see too often if we live in a big city, and those landscapes can be often breathtaking. Hiking paths are often located in the most beautiful natural places on earth!
  • Hiking Improves mental health – Being for a few hours in a forest will calm your mind. Nature is one of those things that is recommended for people who struggle with mental issues, so even if you feel very stressed recently it will help you lower the amount of stress in your life.
  • Hiking is a great opportunity to know better each other – If you will be hiking together then you will have a lot of time to talk about things that you didn’t have an opportunity previously. You don’t need to talk a lot, just normal small talk will be enough, and with the nature around you, we are sure that it will be a pleasant chat!
  • Tell your friends what hiking is about – Some people who didn’t previously have done things similar to hiking won’t know what it is, and maybe if you will tell them your experiences they will feel more interested.
How can I convince my friends to go on a hike with me?
How can I convince my friends to go on a hike with me?

How can I find a partner for hiking?

The first group of people where you should look for potential hiking partners should be your friends because you know them well, and you already have done a lot of different things previously, but if that’s not an option in your case then try to look for partners on the internet with social media.

There are thousands of hiking groups on Facebook or sites similar to ours where you can find people who also love hiking! That many groups will let you find people near your place of living so don’t worry about it, don’t be shy and look for that one special person who will love hiking as much as you do.

How can I find a partner for hiking?
How can I find a partner for hiking?

In summary – Why my friends don’t like to hike with me?

You don’t need to be worried too much about one friend who doesn’t want to try hiking with you, just use some of our methods to convince him or her, and if you have already tried everything then try to ask other friends or look for people who also like hiking as much as you do on a social media groups.

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