Should I Let My Girlfriend Hike With Another Guy?

Hiking is a great way to spend free time with a group of friends or just with your partner. For most of us who like walking, and traveling it’s a way to escape the big city for a moment, but for others, it can be a great opportunity for a first date. Maybe you are currently in a long-distance relationship or simply you can’t afford to spend time with your partner, but what if there will be a second person who would like to invite your Girlfriend. So if you ask yourself “Should I let my girlfriend hike with another guy?” Then stay with us!

Every situation is different but in most cases, you should let your girlfriend hike with someone else if she asked you for your opinion, but why is that? Hiking can be a perfect opportunity for that guy to flirt with your girlfriend especially if they will be alone together, that’s why we have said that in “most cases” because there are some cases where you should try to convince her to not do this.

Did your girlfriend ask you for permission?

If your girlfriend told you about it then that means that your bond is strong, and she knows that this invite can make you mad. There are some situations where the boyfriend doesn’t know what his girlfriend is doing and with who and that can lead to unpleasant arguments.

Did your girlfriend ask you for permission?
Did your girlfriend ask you for permission?

It doesn’t mean that you should know everything about her and tell her what to do, but going only with one guy on a hike can look weird. Note that this problem is a very old one when people asked “Can a woman be friends with a man without flirting with each other?“. In your case, she asked you about your opinion so you should be less worried.

If you are worried then you should ask her those questions to stay calm for her trip:

  • Are you going to hike only in two?
  • Is he a guy you know well enough?
  • Can you trust him?
  • Do I know this guy?

Why shouldn’t I let her hike with another man?

A woman hiking with a man who is not her boyfriend can look weird, but don’t jump to conclusions yet. If you think that she trusts you then tell her what’s in your mind, that you suspect this guy of doing bad things to your relationship. We bet that you are worried about your relationship which is a good sign.

They won’t probably do anything lewd, but there is a slight chance that she will slowly start to get further away from you as she starts to know new men.

Why shouldn't I let her hike with another man?
Why shouldn’t I let her hike with another man?

Hiking is a sport where your body starts to produce sweat, and that smell can be attractive for other people, and while they will be tired a lot of weird things can happen. The first thing that you can be worried about is cheating but the other is if she will be safe with him.

Does her friend have a crush on her?

Maybe that man is someone who you know from her stories, if that’s your case then try to remember all things that she told you about him, and think if this guy can guarantee her safety, which should be your priority, only then we can focus on the more controversial part which is cheating.

You can be sure that this guy knows something about you also, because she already told him about you as well, and there is nothing wrong with that, but remember that you are her real boyfriend and she wants to stay on your side.

You can’t know what this guy is thinking but you can be sure if you can trust your girlfriend, and if you can then you shouldn’t be worried about this hiking trip. So no matter if he has a crush on her, your girlfriend will send him away if he will break the limits of friendship.

Should I let my girlfriend hike with another guy?
Should I let my girlfriend hike with another guy?

If you are still worried then a good idea can be to ask her if she can invite other friends to this hiking trip, then she won’t be alone with him, which will prevent this guy from doing anything lewd to her.

In conclusion – Should I let my girlfriend hike with another guy?

Note that all things we have said in this article are related to only a small fragment of total cases, because it is normal to do things with your friend when you are bored, and in 99 out of 100 times there won’t be going on anything lewd or weird on this trip.

So the best thing that you can do is to talk with her and she will most likely comfort you, and promise that it will be a totally normal hiking trip. You should make sure that you are going to hike with her next time, and for that, we have created an article recently about “Why Is Hiking Scary? – (Are People Afraid Of Hiking?)“.