How to keep the conversation going with a girl while hiking?

Everyone has that moment in their lives when they don’t know what you should talk about with a second person. That silent moment often doesn’t improve your relationship unless you both are aware that you should focus on something else, like a hard hiking moment, or when the views are breathtaking, but when you are hiking at a slow pace, and it starts to get boring then you definitely should to about and keep the conversation going, so what have prepared easy tips for you to change those awkward situations into perfect memories!

Some of us are often proposing a hike as a form of a romantic date and it is a common thing to invite your partner or even future partner for a hike because it really can be a romantic experience, and you will have a lot of time to talk with each other alone… but what you should talk about?

Think about what you both have in common, and what connects you, and then try to form a question about those things, because you both will like that topic, and there will be a lot to learn from each other. Having a chat on a topic that you both are passionate about will let you form long conversations about topics you like. But to make it precise you have to decide what those things are that you both like, and for that, we will split those topics separately for males and females.

What should I talk about with a girl on a trail?

If you are a man and you decided to invite a woman for a hike with you then you have to be aware that women often are not interested in things like cars, mechanics, and often even games.

You have to have enough courage and step into the middle ground and try to talk about things that will be somewhat understandable for both of you:

  • Houses
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Social media
  • Pets
  • Mutual friends
  • Partying

Those above are very general things that you can talk about without any hesitation but we are almost sure that you already have spoken to that woman before and you already know something about her and what her interests are, so try to talk about them first, and if you run out of your topics then try our list above.

What should I talk about with a guy on a trail?

As we have mentioned above if you have already talked with that man then you know a thing or two about him so try to start a conversation about those things because they should help you break the ice and get him to talk to you.

Also if you don’t know that much about him then you can try to start a conversation about topics that are pretty common among men and women, which will let you know him better, and widen your perspective on his personality.

  • Cars
  • Technical stuff
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Games
  • Partying
  • Gym

Those are the topics that are a bit more common among men, but you should also know about them something. That way you will be able to get him to know better, and keep the conversation going.

What to avoid while hiking together?

If you already know what your hiking partner dislikes then don’t try to force topics that are not easy for him or her, because that will instantly change the mood for the rest of your hiking trip.

How to keep the conversation going with a girl while hiking?
How to keep the conversation going with a girl while hiking?

But if you don’t know what your partner likes then don’t worry because we have a good tip for you. If you start a topic and you see after a while that your partner is not very open about it or she or he just doesn’t use short answers it means that you should change the topic immediately because that is a sign for you to stop.

Don’t force anything and even don’t try to start topics that seem hard in your opinion because the conversation on your hiking trip shoulder feels easy and smooth because you want to observe your surroundings and enjoy the trip.

What if I run out of topics while hiking together?

It is very hard to keep the conversation going for many hours, as long as your trip is going to be. So the longer the trip the longer you will need to talk with each other.

But be aware that you won’t be talking all the time, because often you will just enjoy the trip and that will be totally normal, you just need to know when those moments of break will be. For example, while walking on a harder path will be a lot of rocks on it, or maybe when you will be eating. Note that sometimes it is more romantic to not talk too much and enjoy your presence.

But if you want to talk more and get to know each other more then use our topics from above according to how your partner is. Sometimes on a hiking trip there can be a thing that can scare the girl you are hiking with like, for example, an animal far in the woods and then you will have to be brave and comfort her because that will let you get closer to your partner. Most girls consider protecting them as something manly and brave, and that will have a positive impact on your relationship.

Let’s summarize this up – How to keep the conversation going with a girl while hiking?

Even if you won’t talk too much with each other your trip should make up for it. Especially if your partner knows that you are a shy person. Or maybe your partner is a shy person, if that is the case then use our list from above to motivate him or her to talk with you more often.

A good topic will let you keep the conversation going for a lot of minutes and even hours, but remember that you should focus on getting to know more about your partner because that should be your goal if you are on a date! We recently posted a great article about hiking trip dates so make sure to check out “Is Hiking A Good Idea For A First Date?“.