Is Hiking A Good Idea For A First Date?

Anyone who likes interesting places or new challenges is looking for ideas on how to have a good time. Also, the topic of a first date is not as obvious as it might seem, it is not enough to just go to a restaurant. There are plenty of date ideas, but is hiking a good idea for a first date, and is it a good idea? We’ll try to clear up your doubts, here’s why.

Is hiking a good idea for a first date? If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for a date and you and the other person enjoy outdoor activities, then hiking is the perfect solution. Hiking doesn’t require too much heavy preparation or specialized equipment, comfortable shoes are a must.

Hiking for a first date?

There are many ideas of where to take your other person on a first date, but some tried and tested ways are already a bit monotonous. The world around us is changing, and so is our approach to what’s trendy. We used to associate the first date mainly with going out to a restaurant or a cinema, but nowadays, we also look for something unusual.

Of course, going for a walk is also a very good idea, if the person you want to meet likes longer hikes, you can propose hiking. This sport in itself does not require much preparation or specific equipment, comfortable shoes and clothing suited to the weather will suffice at the beginning. Depending on what kind of surroundings a person prefers, we can go to the mountains, to the forest or other places. Hiking is both an active leisure activity and an opportunity to get to know each other better and talk in peace.

Hiking for a first date?
Hiking for a first date?

What are the advantages of an outdoor date?

A field date can, against all odds, have many advantages, even more so in summer it can be time perfectly spent. Apart from the opportunity to get to know each other better and have a quiet conversation, we can gain many additional things. An outdoor date has many advantages, these include:

  • The opportunity to admire nature, depending on the season. Many areas are beautiful in summer as well as in winter.
  • Spending time together and getting to know each other better.
  • Active recreation far from the city, which allows you to forget about your everyday duties, such as work or study.
  • Unusual and interesting ideas for spending time together. A departure from the usual schemes, i.e. restaurants, cinemas, or pubs.
  • The possibility of preparing a picnic together, in a place chosen by us, relaxing and admiring nature.
  • Contact with nature can relax you and put you in a romantic mood after a day of hiking you can watch the sunset together.

There are many advantages of such hiking, even if you are not in great shape, you do not have to go on a long journey. It can be just a long walk to some interesting place. So in many ways, hiking is a good idea for a first date. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a slightly longer hike and are curious about how to prepare for it and cover 10 miles without any problems, you will find a lot of information here “Is Hiking 10 Miles A Lot? – (5 Hiking Tips)“.

Is Hiking a good idea for a first date?
Is Hiking a good idea for a first date?

Is picnic in the outdoors a good idea?

If we already know that the other person likes hiking and is willing to go with us even on a longer route, we also need to think about the meal. Of course, you can simply go to a restaurant and choose something from the menu, but you can also have a picnic. It is quite unusual, but the fact is that a meal outdoors is much tastier.

Fresh air as well as tiredness, after a long hike in a picturesque place, is a perfect idea for a picnic. Since a hike is a good idea for a first date, we can also consider preparing a picnic together. These few accessories will be important:

  • A blanket to sit on.
  • A larger basket to put most of the food items in.
  • Plastic cutlery, as it is lightweight and does not take up much space, it is also worth opting for the wooden version, which is more eco-friendly.
  • Food that is already prepared or to is prepared during the picnic.
  • Thermal mug or bag, which will keep the food at the right temperature.

A hiking picnic may not be the best idea for a first-date dinner, but it can be a break from your responsibilities and everyday life. The beautiful surroundings and a hike together, ending with a meal in nature, can be something you will remember for a long time. So maybe hiking is a good idea for a first date.

In Summary – Is Hiking A Good Idea For A First Date?

Regardless of what age we are, and if we like hiking and communing with nature, the idea of ​​the first date in the field may be for us. If we want to take the other person on an unusual date, and we know that they like hiking, it may turn out that the trip is hiking a good idea for a first date.

Hiking can be an all-year-round sport, both in summer and winter, there are plenty of people willing to go hiking. Remember that hiking in the field has many advantages, exercise in the fresh air is both relaxation and the possibility of active rest. In addition, we can travel some part of the route by car, go further on foot, find an interesting place and have a picnic.

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