Can I Become A Hiking Influencer? – (For Beginners)

Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting in the queue to become famous influencers but most of them don’t have a specific identity that could bring a lot of people who would gladly follow them. The things that they are good at are the key to success, and if they would share a lot of positivity and informative content about those things then they could gather a small community and finally call themselves influencers.

Most of our community are hikers, no matter if they are experienced or not, they are still hikers, and maybe you as one of those hikers will be able to become a hiking influencer. There is a high chance if you put a lot of your free time, and effort into this process you will find yourself as a hiking influencer after a year or even less, and to make it happen faster we have created this guideline to help your reach your goals, so if you are interested then keep reading.

How likely it is to become an influencer?

Being an influencer in 2022 is a very common thing, but you have to understand that every influencer has a different number of followers, and it’s up to you if you want to call a person who has 10 followers a real influencer. There are no special limits above which suddenly you will start to get recognized among the other influencers. That’s just not how it works.

But we all know that an influencer has to have a decent group of followers and it’s up to you what number will make you happy, so you should ask yourself what do you expect from being an influencer. A lot of people want to monetize their efforts, some are doing this for sponsorships and some just want to get famous and recognizable, or maybe you have other goals? Share those in the comments below.

How likely it is to become an influencer?
How likely it is to become an influencer?

So that’s only up to you what you are going to do with your followers, but note that you should be honest with them and don’t use them for bad things. Try to make everyone happy with your actions.

If your goal is to get famous then even 10000 followers won’t be enough to reach that goal, so start with a lower goal like the first 10 people following you and your content. Especially when it comes to being a hiker influencer you will need a lot fewer followers in comparison to other followers like for example NBA influencers.

That’s due to the fact that hiking is not as a broad topic as NBA and people will start to talk about it a lot sooner.

How to start being an influencer?

There are some necessary things that you will have to think about, like the platform you will be using! Many hikers tend to post their content on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or even Tiktok. Some people prefer to use youtube but that will need a lot more skills like video editing or camera operating so let’s leave youtube behind unless you want to learn new things other than hiking, but video editing will make your trips look even better.

In 2022 the best social platform that will let you grow the fastest from 0 is without any doubt TikTok. That’s the youngest social platform that will let you connect with millions of people. Instagram and Facebook have a lot more users, but TikTok’s algorithm is going to help you at the beginning of your career, not like the other platforms, TikTok will start to promote your videos to new people almost instantly, but Facebook and Instagram won’t give you that right at the start.

How to start being an influencer?
How to start being an influencer?

Of course, you don’t have to limit your creativity to only one platform, because you can publish your content on every one of them, so it’s up to you. But we highly recommend you focus most of your time on the one that suits your content best.

When you have already picked a platform then it is time to start publishing content. As a hiker, you can publish your trips, home training, beautiful landscapes, and even teach something useful like packing your backpack or showing hidden hiking paths. There are countless things that you can record and put onto your profile, but you just need to sit down for a while and think about what your audience would like to watch.

What should I do to grow as an influencer?

Starts are often rough especially if you don’t have any previous experience or you just don’t follow too many influencers. That’s why you can start with watching others, what they are publishing and how they are doing it. They will show you everything that influencers are doing, and when you will feel confident enough then you will be able to publish a lot of decent content into your profile.

Can I become a hiking influencer?
Can I become a hiking influencer?

Note that you should not copy others, because that is rude and people won’t like to see the same things over and over, so try to be original and improve existing ideas and follow the trends. If there is something trendy then try to be a bit original and think about what you can do with this trend to shine among the others. It takes time to build a decent group of people who would like to watch your content, so don’t expect to be famous after a month or two, just be consistent and do your job.

Am I going to face mean comments?

Unfortunately yes, a lot of people will start to write mean comments just to demotivate you, but know what your goal is. There will be a lot of unfounded comments from people who don’t want you to succeed, but remember that not every mean comment is meant to make you feel bad because some of them will point out your mistakes like camera operation, or audio too loud, so read them all and decide if they are true or not.

The critique makes us better, and let yourself learn new things so stay strong and keep learning.

In summary – Can I become a hiking influencer?

Of course, you can become a hiking influencer but it won’t be as easy as you may think, because the results will come after many months of solid work. You can publish once a week, but the more content the faster you will reach your goals, so keep learning new things and start as soon as possible.

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